Due to further outbreaks in China of COVID 19, we can report the following measures or Changes to AAI local office contacts and operation:

- Shanghai is currently under soft lockdown

a. Any road transport in/out Shanghai area requires a 48hrs PCR test negative report; however, the fact is majority of the rest resources has been allocated for controlling inside cases, i.e., most of the truckers won’t be able to get test report within 48hrs for delivery/pick up

b. Quite some highways connecting Shanghai has been closed.

c. Port terminals remain open d. Flights in/out PVG and SHA is under restriction; we are seeing a big scope of cancellations.

e. 80% of companies WFH; our Shanghai colleagues currently WFH

- Shenzhen is locked down completely

a. All public transportation is suspended

b. Road transportation is seriously restricted

c. Port terminals remain open, however all CFS/warehouses stopped for receiving/unloading operation, handover to depot/terminal is stopped too.

d. SZX remains open, however with current situation no delivery/collection is possible. Ground handling is temporarily restricted.

e. All companies WFH, including our office.

- Other major cities including Xiamen, Guangzhou, Tianjin, Qingdao is currently partially restricted due to several active cases.

a. Our Xiamen office WFH as one of our colleague lives in restricted area

b. Tianjin office WFH as our office stays in restricted area

c. Our Guangzhou, Ningbo, Qingdao offices remains open for now

Please be assured we are doing our utmost to ensure continuation of service/contact, However, we are experiencing China domestic transportation nationally is under challenge, and we are already observing continuous failure on container/cargo handover due to restrictions.

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