All the evidence suggests these adjustments to cleaner shipping have been fairly painless. Was everyone well prepared or were we simply distracted by other, rather more pressing, world matters?

Nevertheless, throughout last year just 55 cases of non-compliance were reported – considering more than 60,000 vessels traversed the world's oceans, this is an exceptionally low number.

But others aren’t satisfied by small reductions in sulphur content - a team in Costa Rica is attempting to turbo charge the move to clean shipping with a cargo ship made of wood.

The Ceiba combines old and new technology: sailing masts vie with state of the art solar panels and a custom designed electric engine. The team hope to get Ceiba on the water by the end of the year and fully operational by 2022.

But Ceiba is a little small for a cargo ship – she can carry the equivalent of nine 20ft containers worth of cargo. Compare this to the HMM Algeciras, the world's largest container ship, which is able to carry 23,964 20ft containers. Our friends in Costa Rica may have a little way to go before they are ready to build a competitor!

Related News

Maersk announce they will be operating the world’s first carbon-neutral container ship by 2023 

Other News on sustainable shipping

A major study has found that shipping emissions rose by 10% between 2012 and 2018, and projected that they could rise up to 50% further still by 2050. So what are we doing to bring emissions down?

The IMO fuel regulations - implemented last year - have reduced the maximum permitted sulphur content in fuel oil from 3.5% to 0.5% - significantly reducing air pollution from ships.

Last year's fuel oil sulphur reduction has resulted in a 70% cut in total sulphur oxide emissions from shipping.




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